Discovering Mathematics Careers

Math applies to nearly every market today, from scientific research and technology to business, retail, medical care, and more. Specialists with advanced qualifications in math are highly desirable for their proficiency of certain skills– especially for their critical thinking and problem-solving knowledge.

This is why many Singapore secondary 3 students opt to take mathematics intensive curriculums. We believe that it is important that students are aware of the uses of mathematics in order to appreciate and comprehend it. As part of our sec 3 A math tuition classes, our tutors often cover the different uses and careers of mathematics.

In this article, we will cover several careers that have great demand for mathematics students. In doing so, we hope to excite you to the opportunities that math studies bring and give you extra motivation to pick up the intricacies of the subject.


Auditors examine and prepare financial records while inspecting for their accuracy, then explaining their results to essential stakeholders. In-house auditors check for malpractice of an organization’s budget and determine means to boost processes for removing waste and scams. External auditors are recruited by an outside company to perform the same tasks, while infotech auditors examine management for their companies’ computer systems.


Actuaries assess the monetary costs of risk and unpredictability using mathematics, statistics, and economic theory. They likewise aid clients and organisations establish plans to decrease the cost of those risks. Actuaries are essential to the insurance policy sector and must be experts in sophisticated statistics and modeling business, software, and mathematics.


Opportunities in banking vary from the field of retail banking to company investment banking. Both fields take care of monetary analysis– private and public– with chances to focus on locations such as mergers and shares, bonds and acquisitions, privatization, lending and IPOs (initial public offerings). 

Responsibilities can include market research, developing fresh organisation possibilities, and creating monetary models and solutions to provide to clients. Math professions in banking can be financially rewarding, but again, expert credentials in finance will be required for some roles.

Academia and research

Jobs in academics and research are very popular among mathematics pupils. This course may attract those who desire the challenge of driving ahead the next collection of explorations, theorems and functions of the area– along with the status of following some of history’s best mathematical minds.

Economic Analyst

Economic analysts examine investment opportunities in financial institutions, pension funds, mutual funds, securities firms, insurance providers, and various other businesses. They are accountable for reviewing historical and existing financial data, researching economic and company trends, and meeting with business officials to obtain much better insight into the firm’s prospects. 

There are several types of monetary analysts, including account managers, fund managers, ratings analysts, and risk experts.