Different Ways To Write a Good Novel, Education

If you’ve tried to write a book before, you’ve discovered how challenging this can be. You’ll be surprised to know the author that created even your favorite Gaskill novel under these same challenges. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome and succeed. The key is to use some good strategies to help you smash through obstacles. Overcoming these will help you create a good novel. Here are some different ways you can write a good novel.

Create a Winning Story Idea

Develop a unique concept big enough to write a novel about and powerful enough to attract readers. The perfect idea will be laden with conflict. You can alter even the most basic ideas until they are captivating enough to fit this profile. Shift through your ideas and find the one that you want to read about. It must entice you and stick inside your mind.

Determine if You Are an Outliner or Pantser

If you’re an outliner, you’re going to want to know exactly what happens in your book before you start writing. This means you must know who your characters are and what will happen to them ahead of time. On the other hand, a pantser writes by their seats. They begin with an idea and flush it out into a full-length story. For instance, they put characters into tough situations, such as a pandemic, and see what happens.

One of these methods will work better for you. However, most people tend to write somewhere in the middle, and it is okay to be an outliner and a pantser. To tap into your true potential, you will need to do what works for you. You will need to create a little structure with this method to avoid burning out quickly. For instance, even those who rely on pantsers must decide on characters and basic ideas.

Don’t let the challenges of writing a novel prevent you from achieving your goals. Start with an idea and use your own method to create something great.

Luna Griffin
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