5 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

Whether it’s for your child’s benefit, or if they need a push in the right direction, a tutor is a useful thing for children to take advantage of. If you’re wondering whether a tutor is the right thing for your child, here are 5 signs that this international school in the UK shares with us.

1. They’re struggling to keep up with the other children

Admittedly your child may just really struggle in certain subjects. There are some subjects that will be easier than others for your child, which is completely understandable. This is when a tutor will be able to advise on where your child can pick up their skills and start afresh.

2. A particular subject is holding them back

All subjects in school have different requirements, and it can be hard to juggle them all at the same time. Your child can easily fall back if they can’t get to grips with the learning, and it will be reflected in their grades. A tutor will help your child in particular subjects – from Maths to Biology – to get them where they need to be in time for important exams.

3. Exams are coming up

A good way of seeing how your child is doing is using a tutor to test their skills. Tutors are experienced in understanding the ways of an exam, and what could possibly come up in upcoming exams. Preparing your child early will greatly help with their progress.

4. Your child has a unique learning style

Only so much can be taught in the classroom to cater to each child’s learning style. A tutor can factor this into each session to help them learn in a way that suits them, and gives them confidence in all subjects.

5. They enjoy learning about a subject

There is of course the added benefit your child loves to learn about Science or English, and it will help them with their overall understanding of the subject. Your child may already have a career path in mind, and so picking up lessons from a tutor will help your child develop a passion for what they’re studying.