4 Major Hadoop Advantages that You Need to Know Now

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You all must be aware by now that Apache Hadoop is actually a name derived from a cute toy elephant. However, Hadoop is much more extensive than just a soft toy. In fact, it is an open source project, which has devised a new strategy to store as well as process the large data chunks in the most efficient manner.

The Hadoop framework is coded in Java to enable the processing and storage of large data sets on the computer clusters. You can learn more about its anatomy at a reputed big data Hadoop training institute in Pune.

The platform is so reliable that even the technology giants like IBM, Google, Netflix, and Facebook are making regular use of Hadoop to store and process their big data sets. There are many other reasons, which make Hadoop highly valuable in the IT circles, let us have a closer look at these as under.


  • Scalability: Quite unlike the traditional relational database management systems, Hadoop framework has the inherent capability to evenly store and distribute large data sets across several servers operating in nodes in a parallel manner. This high level of scalability makes the framework highly supportive of the businesses where the data storage and management runs into thousands of terabytes a day.
  • Cost Efficient: In traditional storage set-ups (read RDBMS) the wavelength was usually low to store huge chunks of data. As a consequence, companies started the practice of deleting the raw and unrequired data. Earlier, storage costs were also pegged around a few thousand to tens of thousands of pounds per terabyte. This was too expensive to incur and hence, scaling down was the only viable option. However, with the inception of Hadoop, tables upturned for good- now you can save as much data as you want across hundreds of inexpensive servers and that too at a fractional cost (only a few hundred pounds per terabyte).
  • Flexibility: Hadoop not only takes care of the storage part but the data processing as well. Hence, you can feed in any kind of information and derive an analysis out of it. No wonder, it is being widely used for data warehousing, log processing, fraud detection and more.
  • Security: Another big plus with Hadoop is its high level of fault tolerance it provides. When the data is sent to one server, its copies are generated across the others running in line- thus in case of an eventuality leading to the data loss or failure, you have your data securely backed up.


All in all, if you are looking for a platform to save large chunks of information in a cost-effective and secure manner- Hadoop is the solution that you have been looking for. For more details on this, visit a reputable big data Hadoop training institute in Pune now.