Why Early Childhood Education Matters

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It is a reality that our world is becoming more competitive, it is no longer an option but a given that in order for our children to have a better future, we must prepare them for it. There is only so much that parents can do, and no matter how much we work to provide for our children, we will not always be around for them. In order to prepare our children for a cut-throat world, we must be able to ensure that they are fully equipped for this. We can only achieve this if our children had the right education that will enable them to master skills and knowledge that would give them an advantage over other pupils. Daycare Marlborough is a prime example of a facility that provides the early childhood education that your child needs.

Early Childhood Education

When it comes to early childhood education, there are basically two perspectives that has dominated this field. The first one is that teaching children can only happen when they are ready for it. That if their cognitive development has not yet reached that point where they are able to comprehend and absorb knowledge, then such effort will only be futile. On the other hand, the second perspective says that children’s brains are still malleable and will be able to acquire and accommodate information with the right scaffolding and support from their teachers and if they are able to have positive learning experiences. Clearly, parents who believe in the former would not invest in early childhood education until the child is of school age, usually by around 5 years old. On the other hand, those who are of the belief that children can benefit more by having them learn at an early age would be concerned with choosing the best school or center for their children.

But whatever perspective one believes in, childcare is an important investment to make. Not many parent can afford a full time nanny, and one has to work to be able to provide for the needs of the family and to keep up with the bills and mortgage. Thus, daycare and childcare centers are the best option for working parents. Primarily the child is placed in a daycare center so that they could be taken cared while the parents are working, but having a daycare center like Daycare Marlborough that combines childcare and learning activities would be more advantageous.

Childcare and Learning Center

Childcare centers are foremost facilities that cater to very young children from 2 to 4 years old. Most families need to leave their child in childcare centers such as Daycare Marlborough since parents have to work and no one would take care of their child at home. For this, the childcare centers provide basic care and activities that ensure that the child receive the best nurturing, have enough sleep and rest and ample playtime. The childcare centers provide care in groups, this would mean that your child would be able to build friendships even if they are barely out of their diapers. How wonderful could it be to have a friend at this age and possibly into the rest of their lives? Childcare centers also provide stimulating and active exercises that would teach children basic life skills, and ensure that they develop in a safe and caring environment. At the same time, childcare centers do have structured curriculum that introduces children to basic literacy and numeracy. This would build the foundation of knowledge and competencies that children would need later when they begin to learn language, writing, reading and comprehension and arithmetic.

Choose the Best Childcare Center

Every parent wants the best for their child, and when we decide to get them into daycare we do want them to be in the most ideal center that would not only give them the nurturance they need but also contribute to their growth and development and prepare them for the next chapters of their lives. In choosing the best center, we should always first check their curriculum and how they take care of our children and what activities they are exposed to. This can be had from their curriculum, or you can visit the center and ask to meet the center head or director so your questions could be answered right away. Second is to look for a childcare center that will be accessible to you from home or from work, it should be located near you and that the center has enough space and their buildings and gyms are safe. Third, you need to check their caregivers and teachers, do they have the right licenses, accreditations and certifications, these include the staff to children ratio, the kind of activities and what materials do they use. Does their staff include a nurse or a first aider, do they have a clinic, a playground, a gym and learning corners.

Why It Matters

Early childhood education that is being taught in most childcare centers like Daycare Marlborough is important since it ensures that children learn the necessary information, gain knowledge and demonstrate competency of skills that would give them an advantage when they get to kindergarten or first grade. Aside from that, learning about letters and numbers early in life would ensure that they have mastered this even before they really go to school, and in turn would make them learn more complex information and skills earlier than their peers. It also cultivates their love for learning, when they are having fun and learning at the same time, they would not see school as a chore but rather an opportunity for them to explore, be curious and enjoy every moment of it.

Childcare centers are able to contribute to the growth and development of the children under their care, they are passionate with what they do and they do so with the love and care that families do give to their own children. Being able to provide this kind of environment for your child can be the best decision you could make for them. You can work and not worry about whether your child is safe and being cared for, and your child would also have the best time while you are not able to be there.

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