What Jobs Reqire a Background Check?

Pre-Employment Background Check FAQ - Get The Answers You Need

A background check is a tool employers use to screen applicants in the pre-hiring process. This screening can provide employers with a wealth of information on potential employees. The information acquired from a background check can help an employer determine if an applicant might put the safety or integrity of their organization at risk. 

Here are just a few of the professions that will require a background check during the pre-hiring process. In order to get a job in any of the following areas, you will have to agree to a background check before signing employment paperwork. 

Information Technology Workers

Workers in the information technology field handle sensitive information relating to an organization’s electronic data, including all financial information and every employee’s personal identifying information. In addition, IT workers are responsible for the security of an organization’s information and its employees. Background check services for employers can show an employer whether educational or professional information has been falsified or if a criminal history is present. If these things appear on a background check, it is unlikely that the applicant will get hired.

Law Enforcement Officers

Background checks for law enforcement officers, including police officers or FBI agents, can be quite extensive. In addition to the standard validation of things such as your education and social security number, some departments also require a number of tests. For example, a psychological exam and a polygraph test are both common requirements in the pre-hiring process that can reveal a lot of information about an individual’s history.


Anyone applying for a position in a school, such as a teacher, paraprofessional, or principal, will be subject to a background check. The primary purpose of a background check for educators is to ensure the individuals a district hires have not been convicted of violent crimes. People who have been convicted of violent crimes could ultimately pose a risk to students. 

Healthcare Workers

In order to perform their duties, healthcare workers require a great deal of trust from their patients, which is why knowing an applicant’s educational, professional, and criminal past is so vital. A background check can help reassure healthcare facilities that the trust patients put in their healthcare providers will be well-placed. 

When you submit an application to an organization, it’s crucial that all of the information you provide is accurate. Although you may not intend to do so, leaving out information can delay the hiring process or prevent you from getting the job entirely.