What Is the Best Way to Learn Floristry in London?

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It is possible to study the art of floristry in London. The learning process will help potential students to make money from the art. The London Flower School is a place for the complete beginner or someone who has already been well immersed into the art of floristry.

The London Flower School is located close to the central rail terminus at King’s Cross. As you study, it will be noted that the inspiration comes from the very vibe of the city. Around the King’s Cross district is a mixture of art, culture, diversity and perpetual motion of a city. There are always hundreds of events taking place too.  

The inspiration that surrounds the school inspires its students. Many professional florists and flower arrangers live around here and form part of the city’s culture.

Floristry is based on a kind of creative vision. The flower school works diligently to inspire students to be more creative and discover that unique style that can be called truly independent. Floristry is made up of a number of basic techniques, which can then be swapped and changed around to suit the unique style of the student.

Creative vision means creative freedoms, and students are encouraged to find new, exciting and diverse ways to address their ideas of floristry.

The flower school holds special courses for students that allows them to be immersed into the world of floristry.

There is a One-Week Course, known as the “Foundation”. This is intensive but ideal for those wishing to be introduced into the world of floristry.

In this course, the art of correct handling and care of the flowers forms the basics of what you’ll learn. Different styles will be created, hand-held bouquets developed and arranging foliage with a vase are all covered.  

The course will also develop styles of table top centrepieces. These are often stunningly elaborate, but students will have a chance to develop and create a style that is unique and personal.

There is another course, a two-week period, where students learn all about Weddings and Events. The focus here is on bridal, wedding bouquets and floral crowns.

The event of a wedding is all about the flowers. A two-week course focuses on the different requirements of a big wedding with a need to show outstanding floristry.

Smaller courses include: the Dutch Masters Floral Workshop, Hand-Tied Bouquet Masterclass and the four-week-long Career Course. The Career Course is the flagship learning process which will cover all aspects of floristry throughout.