Ways to use teaching app for planning lessons and syllabus

With the shift of the traditional schooling method to the virtual classes, the teachers are also guided to use such aid even during the lesson planning as well as in creating the syllabus. Before all such things are often done manually and hence it was time-consuming. Nut now, Technology is regarded as a boon to the teachers as with the help of such technology and teaching app, the teachers often help them to plan lessons as well as the syllabus more easily. 

In these recent years, the use of technology and the teaching app has gained popularity in such a way that every school and educational institutions employ it often. Bu the question is, how to use thins teaching app like the extramarks to create a lesson plan and make a syllabus of different subjects? To get the answer, let’s follow the given points:

  • Benefits analyzing: With the help of technology, you can easily analyze the benefits of using the technology in lesson planning. With the help of such a teaching app, the teachers could easily engage almost all the students present at the scheduled time, and even they can also get a proper education in a more influential way, which they can easily grasp.
  • Projection: if you are a teacher of any subjects like math, physics, chemistry, geography, or any other subjects, where mind maps or any kind of charts can be employed. Then you can easily include those maps in your lesson plan. As in online teaching facilities, using such kind of maps often help the students to understand the subject more precisely and in a much easier way. With the help of a teaching app, the teachers could employ such types of mind maps while teaching and also use them while making syllabus. As flow charts and mind maps are regarded as the most effective teaching-learning tool, that a teacher can use to serve his or her purpose.
  • Brainstorming: While teaching in a traditional way, it is impossible for any teacher to draw the charts immediately and also according to the text while teaching. Even preparing charts or question papers also takes time. But in case of using the teaching app, you can easily carry out your work within no time and even could be able to save your time which you can utilize to clear the doubts of the students.
  • Helps to create templates for the teaching: while making a teaching plan or a teaching plan, a project also plays a vital role. Even, group project or individually assigned projects often plays a vital role in the teaching-learning process. The process of teaching often required a group project or a single-handed project. Thus, the educators could easily provide a project work to the students so that they could easily learn the subject more precisely.
  • Provide online resources: the teaching app like the extramarks often provide the access to the virtual library and hence help the educators to go through the extra information and keep the upgrade.

Other than the above-mentioned points, there are some other ways too though which one can depict how the teachers could be benefitted in lesson planning with the use of such a teaching app. To know more, please go to the links:



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