Waste Solutions for our Schools, Universities and Colleges

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  • Waste!

It really doesn’t bear thinking about! Let’s be clear, when it comes to waste, I’m not talking about educational standards, useless degrees or downtrodden under-achievers such as myself. No!

I’m talking rubbish!

This is truly my forte subject. Rubbish, not the same intangible subjective rubbish that frequently poisoned my school reports, but actual tangible unwanted items fit for the dustbins… hmm, perhaps I did fall within that category.

From here on the term ‘waste’ will apply to the tangible kind only.

Moving swiftly on, the amount of real waste our educational institutions produce is quite staggering! The canteens alone yield a phenomenal amount of waste; plastic containers, cardboard, broken metal cutlery, severed body parts and various inedible foods.

  • The environment

Thanks to our short-sightedness the planet is polluted, creaking under the consequences of our irresponsible actions.

Have you seen SKY’s Plastic Whale? A beautiful creature stuffed with our waste; a sorry sight, and a sad indictment upon our buy it now and throw it later culture.

Thankfully, the case for recycling and production of less non-degradable packaging has been clearly stated. We simply cannot go on producing these contaminants; in the short term, let’s recycle and reuse what we’ve got.

In the long term, we must find alternative degradable products.

  • What’s the best way to deal with this waste?

Crush it! Destroy its ambition!

However the measured, logical and sensible answer is to take deep breaths, calm down and find an efficient, compliant waste solution. Let’s be clear, the logistics of dealing with every day wastage is a management nightmare.

Every institute of repression and learning has an environmental responsibility to dispose of its wastes responsibly. Certainly the ability to quickly crush or bale certain items into more manageable bundles will considerably reduce time and storage space; what’s more the waste is now much more environmentally friendly, plus, it’s compact, thus, easier and cheaper to transport.

  • Where can we buy a crusher?

Well, it may well be that your wisest option is to either rent rather than purchase. This really depends upon your particular requirements.

Therefore, before diving headlong into any purchase or hire agreement find a company that offers a site survey in order to access your precise needs.

Remember, the handling and recycling of waste is a specialist business, it’s no longer a process of choice. Break the rules and you’ll find yourself outside the headmaster’s study!

An experienced company will be totally up to date with all the rules and legislation. They’ll furthermore, be able to reduce your carbon footprint and more efficiently and effectively prepare your waste in its first step towards recycling.

In short, it’s advisable to locate a waste company that has:

  1. A good track record within the educational domain
  2. A wide range of balers and/or compactors
  3. A knowledgeable helpful team
  4. A policy of onsite surveying
  5. Provision for waste pick-up and ongoing backup.

By way of example check out Mil-Tek UK; here is a company with years and years of experience and a vast range of compactors and balers.

Make an enquiry today, even if it’s only to ensure that your current waste systems are suitably compliant and efficient.