Tribal College Movement Podcast With The Rich Traditional History

Tom Davis’ interview with Christine Reidhead mainly begins with the ultimate highlight of the segment while listening to the one that was written about the famous Helen Scheirbeck. Tom Davis his idea about who she was and also mainly came with highlighting the major difference. She also has stated the importance of the tribal college and Indian-controlled school movements. In the Tribal College Movement Podcast, Tom credits Helen with allowing visiting this most important place with more enthusiasm. Christine’s conversation with the legendary Tom Davis become the most integral part so that it also mainly helped to gain more information about the Tribal College Movement even from the beginning. According to Tom, the significant option of the school mainly has turned into contract schools and the difficulties that most of the schools are facing.

Well Known Educator And Humanitarian:

Christine Reidhead is one of the well-known educators and humanitarian known to serve the community across the world who are facing poverty along with during community. Christine Reidhead mainly enjoys as the lifelong learner which mainly helped to grow continually in the life aspects to maximum. Christine Reidhead mainly has long years of experience in the field for helping the community to grow better with life and stretch the force with solving any kind of challenges. Christine Reidhead was a well-known person born in the year June 21, 1979, in Mesa, Arizona. Christine is the Humanitarian at heart and has a great passion for working and serving the people who are in need. It also gives you the ultimate fortunate along with the underserved communities. Christine Reidhead likes to be a part in making the world a better place and also helps to improve the children’s lives with providing opportunity into a better future. In the Tribal College Movement Podcast, the Christine Reidhead interviews Tom Davis with talking about the journey as well as challenges in the success of the most amazing Tribal College Movement. One of the important facts is that he was one of the founding fathers of the Tribal College Movement and mainly involved in the process for more than 50 years. Christine Reidhead was also known for working alongside with Tom for getting a new experience and become the last individuals living for taking part in the most historic movement.

Importance Of The Tribal College Movement:

Tom Davis becomes the mentor for Christine at Navajo Technical University for many numbers of years. Tom Davis discussed how everything has begun and the people who had placed the role in Tribal College Movement. Most of the Tribal Colleges have been located on reservations which are the federal trust territory so that the local property taxes could not be levied for support. Tom Davis has been discussing with others about the beginning of first Indian Controlled schools and he also mentioned about important role in modern Tribal College Movement. Tom Davis mainly has the mentor for Christine at Navajo Technical University. Tom Davis mainly have retired as the Provost as well as Assistant to the President. Tom’s impact felt for the generations.

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