Things to Know About Before Visiting a Preschool Open House in Singapore

The preschool you choose for your child has an impact on their growth as beginner life-long learners. Thus, the focus should be for you to not choose only suitable, but the best school for their children. Since parents want the best for their child, here are the four steps in finding the best preschool open house Singapore.

Steps on Finding the Best Preschool

1. Consider your child’s overall welfare and preparedness

As parents, we want a school that matches or exceeds our desire to see our children grow and develop. We must consider how the child’s welfare can be accommodated and met by the potential school choice. Remember that we want our children to adapt to the school

environment as soon as possible.

2. Research about the information of schools

Finding and choosing the best school is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort. As we find the best school, we must gather information regarding the activities, policies, and services.

Gathering information about the school includes the school’s philosophy and curriculum. It also involves location and safety, learning style, facilities, school standing, and many more. After gathering the information, you may now start to narrow down your options.

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3. Visit the school

After gathering information and narrowing down your options, it is now time to visit the school. Naturally, we must see with our eyes the school before handing our child to them. Finding the best school must not only be based on written information and reviews as well as people’s opinion about the school. You may schedule an appointment at the school or have a school tour.

4. Enroll in the school you choose

After finishing the three steps, you may now consider applying to the best school you find. Do it as early as possible so that you will not experience conflicts such as schedules and alike.

Pegasus International Preschool Preview

Pegasus International Preschool is one of the top kindergarten Singapore. It is known as inquiry-based learning. It is focused on letting the children learn through experience. This school has good facilities that guarantee the safety of the students. Its curriculum involves fun and exciting activities that will develop students’ critical thinking skills, discovery, and communication. Pegasus International Preschool students are engaged in both indoor and outdoor activities which allow them to see the reality and its application. Through this, the students will be ready to be lifelong learners.