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What kind of students are more suitable for assistance from an US study agent(美国留学中介)?


  1. The self-conditions are not outstanding, and the intermediary professional guidance is required to supplement the experience and the packaging of the writing materials.
  2. Need to prepare too much, time and energy is not enough. (For example, students must prepare for language exams and supplement various experiences).
  3. English writing ability and logical ability are not strong, and it is impossible to write a set of competitive application documents. You should know that the instrument may directly affect whether a university accepts you, so what grammar words are wrong, Chinese English and some poorly expressed expressions must be circumvented.
  4. I feel that the entire process of application is particularly cumbersome and unfamiliar. It is good to apply for writing a document, and focus on the school’s professional opening hours, fill out the online application, interview, when to communicate with the school, how to communicate, accept the offer after the offer, visa application, fill in the form, prepare the materials. Wait a minute, many students can’t concentrate on applying for nearly a year.

What a study abroad agent ( 留学中介) can do more than oneself?


  1. The study agent has sufficient information resources. Years of application experience can analyze the pros and cons of each university and the admissions point in the first time. Compared with the information on studying abroad, the application information is more comprehensive and richer. Experienced consultants in the intermediary can provide professional guidance in the selection of schools and study abroad programs. They can help students analyze the success rate of the school’s application, and even help students choose their favorite and confident profession.


  1. If your score has not yet reached your own psychological expectations, and you are still preparing for the hardware conditions, and hope to prepare for the exam wholeheartedly, then the study agent can help the students save a lot of time. It is a complicated process for students to apply for study abroad. The study agent handles the specific matters of these applications. In this way, students can take more energy to improve their exam performance.

  1. The study agent can reasonably plan the application process for the students to help the students to better show themselves. Improve the chances of admission to students and help students get better quality schools. And it is not only the study abroad plan, but also the employment plan and even the life plan. It is not the purpose to know how to apply for a school abroad. It is the real purpose to make a successful career and embark on the highway of life! A good study agent can help you see farther and go higher.


  1. Study agents can help students complete high-quality application copy. The professional paperwork teacher who can apply for studying abroad can help the students to customize the copy that meets the requirements of the application for the school, so that the students can better show their advantages. And a wealth of writing experience can help you catch up with the school admissions and get a better prestigious offer.

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