Should You Take H2 Physics? Some Reasons to Consider

H2 physics tuition in JC.
H2 physics tuition in JC.

Physics is arguably the most challenging subject offered at the junior college level. For this reason, several pupils avoid it. Ultimately, it is only natural to despise what we do not comprehend.

So, before choosing H2 Physics, consult with some reasons why you should or shouldn’t take the class.

Reasons to Take H2 Physics

You love physics.

Let’s begin with the most apparent justification: Physics is your favourite subject.

You may have excelled in Physics in high school, or you may have read an article about the Photoelectric Effect that piqued your interest.

Choosing physics in junior college seemed to be a no-brainer.

Physics is one of the most intellectually satisfying disciplines for me. The world is an intriguing puzzle that physics allows us to comprehend better. Ultimately, Physics is a fundamental discipline that investigates the underlying laws of the world to explore matter, energy, and their interactions.

Previous subjects, such as Kinematics, will be examined in greater depth in JC Physics, which is an extension of O level Pure Physics. In addition, we will study exciting new subjects such as Nuclear and Quantum Physics.

Therefore, it is crucial to review the H2 Physics Syllabus and ask yourself if you can maintain your interest in Physics for the following two years.

You are good at maths.

Proofs in physics are mainly dependent on mathematical computations. Interestingly, kids who perform well in mathematics also perform well in physics.

In H2 Physics, topics such as trigonometry and calculus are emphasised, and students are expected to have a firm grasp of concepts from both O level Basic and Further Mathematics.

Regarding problem-solving, the value of having a solid grasp of manipulating mathematical equations cannot be overstated.

Why You Should Avoid H2 Physics

You want to take H2 Biology.

The Food Science and Technology programme at NUS requires a passing grade in H2 Biology.

As most institutions do not let students study H2 Physics and H2 Biology simultaneously, it is essential to understand the opportunity cost of selecting H2 Physics.

As each student can only enrol in a maximum of four H2 subjects, this potential cost extends to additional disciplines such as Geography and History.

Thus, if you appreciate a topic, you should take it.

You dislike physics.

This is a completely acceptable reason! Occasionally, we may lack interest in certain topics.

Perhaps it may be preferable to forgo it entirely than to intuitively avoid all homework and assignments in Physics for two years, thereby risking a bad A-level mark. On top of that, you wouldn’t want to pay more by having to enrol in a H2 physics tuition in JC.

You did not take O Level physics.

Most schools would NOT let you enrol in H2 Physics without an O level background.

It is still feasible to petition the school for special permission to enrol in H1 Physics. Some of my pupils have achieved success in this area.

As the A level curriculum is a more in-depth development of the O level curriculum, having a foundation in Physics is essential. Beginning from scratch will be challenging, especially with the added strain and stress of the other JC topics.