Qualities to Expect Out of a Good Flying School

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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably wondering exactly what it takes to find a good flight school. Under what conditions does a good flying school qualify as reputable? These are good questions and well worth considering, especially when flying lessons aren’t cheap. 

Students and their family will invest an enormous amount of time and money on the services of a flying school. Hence, it is well worth making every effort to ensure that you choose the right one.

How competent is the faculty?

The truth is that a flying school isn’t that much different from any other educational institution in that their reputation is merely a reflection of their faculty. Hence, it is well worth asking how competent are the instructors behind the school?

Keep in mind that becoming a professional pilot is no easy feat. More is demanded from instructors who possess extensive experience and knowledge in all manner of aircraft operations. At the very least, instructors must possess a Master’s Degree in Aviation or any related study.

Like all teachers, instructors serving at a flying school must also attend seminars and other pertinent activities to increase their competency in their respective fields. Doing so will not only raise their teaching qualifications but more importantly, become a big boon for students who are bound to benefit from their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Is the flying school up to date with the latest regulations?

Reputable flight schools like the Australian Aerobatic Academy are subject to the regulations of a governing body (aviation organization). You would want to make sure that your chosen flight school meets these regulations. 

Anything less and graduates are bound to have a hard time getting a job as a professional pilot. Airline companies, in particular, tend to be very strict when it comes to meeting all pertinent requirements, especially when it comes to their pilots. 

How competent is the school administration?

In addition to the competence of the school staff, another factor that you would want to look into when choosing a flying school is the proper administration of the institution itself. For one thing, the school’s governing body must be qualified in providing the desired certification for their student pilots.

It comes to no surprise that flight schools that are widely regarded as reputable in the aviation community will produce graduates who find little trouble securing a job after finishing their training program.

According to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, there’s a global shortage of professional pilots around the world. The demands of air travel have skyrocketed so much that the world will need 800,000 new pilots over the next 20 years. Hence, there’s no shortage of opportunities for flight school graduates, but only if they’re from a school with the right accreditation.

Attending flight school isn’t going to be easy, and it’s a big responsibility for aspiring pilots. Students can start now by becoming more discerning in their choice of flying school, which will become an integral part of their journey towards becoming a professional pilot.