Presents To Get for Children According to Age Education

When it comes time to choose presents for your friend’s kids, it can be hard to know what is appropriate. Every child has different likes and dislikes, and not all kids mature at the same rate. You can’t go wrong when you follow this guide about what gifts to get children, depending on their age.

1 to 2-Years-Old

Kids this young are going to do best with presents that appeal to their senses. Something that makes noises and is colorful is going to be your best bet. The noise the toy makes doesn’t have to be electronic. Instead, you could get a book that has different sounds and materials that feel different in it. Another good toy could be a doll that crinkles and squeaks when it’s squeezed.

3 to 5-Years-Old

Toys for kids this age should focus on ways they can explore and do things on their own. The gift could be a wooden train set or a package of large blocks. Or perhaps you could get them a no-mess art set, so they can color to their heart’s content and not leave crayon marks on every surface they see.

6 to 8-Years-Old

Children of this age have already learned how to read and look for more ways to express their creativity. You could purchase educational books for children or even storybooks in a theme that they might be interested in, such as princesses, mermaids, or pirates. You could also get them gifts that require a bit more precision, such as smaller building blocks and science kits where they build robots.

9 to 12-Years-Old

When kids turn 9-years-old, they typically start to lose interest in most toys. Of course, they still love anything that fits right into their interests. For this age range, focus on things that allow them to express themselves and their interests. For example, if a child loves to cook, get them their own set of cooking utensils and a cookbook. But choose an age-appropriate cookbook. You don’t want to have them jump right into French classical cuisine when they’re starting out.