Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Science And Math Tuition Centres In Singapore

Parents enrol their kids in tuition centres to supplement the education their kids get from schools. But did you know that tuition centres are not all the same? Each primary science or math tuition in Singapore has a different quality service, programme offerings, and rates.

It can be overwhelming for parents to compare each math tuition centre in Singapore. And sometimes, this tedious job leads to several mistakes.

Here are the most common mistakes parents make when choosing a maths or science tuition centre in Singapore:

1. Deciding based on the price

Most of the time, parents go to tuition centres with the lowest price. However, affordable primary science tuition in Singapore is not always the best option. Unqualified tutors and part-timers usually have lower rates than the decorated instructors. The facilities may not be as well equipped as other tuition centres, dragging the rates.

Search for a tuition centre that gives you the value for your money.

2. Ignoring the curriculum

Like schools, tuition centres have curricula and programmes. A reputable primary math tuition centre in Singapore prepares curricula for its students. Some are even custom-designed to address the specific needs of the students.

Always take a look at the programmes and curricula tuition centres offer.

3. Deciding based on the facilities alone

Although excellent facilities and modules are already green flags, you should not base your decisions on them alone. Check the qualifications of the instructors, the reputation of the math tuition centre in Singapore, and most importantly, the reviews.

4. Choosing the nearest tuition centre

You might not get the cream of the crop when you narrow down your tuition centres by their proximity to your house. It is crucial to focus more on the quality of service, schedules, values and practice, and teaching styles rather than the location,

The best science tuition centre in Singapore might be two train stations away from your home.

Don’t make these hideous mistakes when choosing tuition centres for your child.

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