Learning The Basic Lessons Of Secondary Mathematics In Singapore

Secondary Math is regularly taught to students in junior or secondary high schools. The areas of secondary math can be a bit complex, but you can always seek help from a secondary math tuition centre in Singapore. The fundamental lessons of secondary math are Algebra, Functions, Modelling, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability.

Under these major areas, here are the fundamentals of secondary math you’ll learn.

  1. Algebra 1. It is necessary to learn Algebra 1 to help efficiently understand Statistics and Calculus. Algebra 1 teaches you expression, systems of equations, different Maths functions, real numbers, and inequalities. The lesson will also guide you in mastering exponents, polynomials, radicals and rational expressions.
  1. Geometry. It is one of the most complicated lessons in Maths. Enrolling in a maths tuition center in Singapore can be the best decision. Geometry focuses on angles, lines, parallels, triangles, circles, and areas. But the good thing with learning Geometry is it improves your problem solving and direction or place mapping.
  1. Trigonometry. It is the in-depth study of triangles, including angles, dimensions, and types. Trigonometry plays a vital role for students who aspire to be architects or engineers in the future. You may also consider getting help from a secondary math tuition center in Singapore to help master trigonometry.
  1. Pre-Calculus. Under Pre-Calculus, Maths lessons are focused on the properties of trigonometry, logarithm, and exponential functions. It is a compilation of everything you learned mentioned above. You will also study the basics of sequences and limits, which are essential to understanding the study of calculus.
  1. Calculus. It is the study of slopes of curves, length, areas, and volume of objects. Calculus can help you with career opportunities, such as Economics, Engineering, Biologist, etc.

The usage of secondary mathematics can provide a wide array of benefits and career opportunities for you in the future. As early as elementary, enroll in a math tuition center in Singapore to improve your competence in Mathematics.

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