Leading CBSE School in Delhi-NCR

Fortune World School a co-ed day boarding school is ranked among one of the upcoming CBSE Schools in NCR. The school offers a day boarding facility till 5pm. Bestowed on all parameters including faculty competence, academic reputation, sports education, life skills and conflict management education. Being an upcoming school the management realizes the need to expose the teachers to continuous in-house training. A lot of time and effort is invested in improving the in-service training to the staff.

The school realizes the importance of the strong partnership between the student and the teacher. Thus works on building the same.

Human Beings are gregarious by nature. They socialize, and value human relationship. We all want to build a positive relationship with each other, not only for teacher and student (kids in particular), but throughout our walk of life.

Best CBSE School in Jaipur firmly believes in the concept of building relationships and henceforth building the future. The school values the relation shared between a teacher and a student.

Unfortunately, there are subtle power relationship embedded in any relationship, and such power is never equally distributed between the two parties, especially when there are differences in values and motives in the parties concerned. So the interests and motives of a teacher and a student is different, and this must be acknowledged, as is done at ‘Fortune’.

Many a times, one of the cherished dreams of teachers is the desire to change others, or influence others, without consideration of the actual needs and feelings or emotional status of the students. Teachers may then need to reflect on how they could make good use of their Emotional and Social Intelligence to manage themselves and help and support others.

With nearly 11-12{fe8a02e2a49e3b33eec8182ae2e66c151723314a4547f5e888df5d89ac8e4e1c} of children in our country needing help and guidance for emotional and behavioral problems, the role of the school is paramount. By the middle of this century this need had drawn the attention of several professionals-social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists-each one contributing in their own way. The educators of the country were not left far behind. CBSE highlighted the growing need for effective school based counselling services. Teachers and qualified counselors were the need of the hour.

The teachers at Fortune World School expose a totally different experience. She /he dons several hats while dealing with her/his students. Sometimes she is a teacher, sometimes a friend, and at times she assumes the role of a mother figure. Whatever role she takes on or is called upon to play, she does so willingly and with a smile.hese refer to skills which help one to increase the internal locus of control, so that the individual believes that she/he can affect change and make a difference in the world.

Keeping all these factors in mind Fortune world school focuses to raise the Emotional Quotient in the Classroom. In our eagerness to embrace the modern systems, competencies and technologies we do not forget or ignore the time tested traditions handed down to us from generations.