If You Have Need of Attendance App There Are Many to Choose From

There are many attendance app and one that is free is Capterra. This program will help organizations find the best software for their needs. It is free for handlers since vendors pay the store after they receive web traffic as well as sales. Capterra will list all vendors – not only those that pay them – in our complete directories so that you make the best-informed decision.

Best looking

The most effective as well as best looking way to keep tracking attendance for any type of event or for teachers using an android device – tablet of phone.

Attendance tracker

Attendance Tracker was developed to keep up with attendance easily. It fully adapts with any android device:

  • Import contacts from contact list or Google Spreadsheet;
  • Backup and restore attendance data to or from your SD card;
  • Watch overviews in the app or export them at Excel sheets and share using Google Drive or SkyDrive
  • Text or mail message of all members of an event directly from the app.

Possible uses

  • Tracking contribution during work meetings;
  • Tracking students;
  • Keeping track of attendance at sport training;
  • Participation for Sunday schools;
  • Scouts;
  • Music (wind-bands)

Just signup from the web or device that is mobile then begin taking counts from anywhere with no need to be near a computer. Open Myatt account on any smart tablet or phone and list the data you need right then, only one time and then access it some other time, anywhere you want to in the future. No more writing down notes, grade information on students or employees to enter later and then loose the notes.

Many more

These are only two of the many on the market. You can search with Google and get a list of all of them. Some or good and others not so good, so don’t spend any money unless you can use it first.