If You Are A Man, Then You Need Martial Arts Training

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Manliness is not a little thing. In fact, it’s a great responsibility that life thrusts upon a man to be accountable for the welfare and development of his home and family, and many men simply seek to be better at this.

Let’s be honest, were you ever taught about being a great father in your high school or college classes? If you were lucky, you might have a great dad or some other male father figure in your life to look up to and follow his examples but the sad reality is that many men do not have these examples. So, we are all left to figure it out, using our wives and kids as a learning process with the family bearing the brunt of the pace of our learning. That’s not good enough.

I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and as a man myself, I know men desire to have a place where they can see how to be men – strong, responsible, accountable and yet disciplined and loving to lead their families with grace and skill. That’s why I founded the Tokon Martial Arts Academy over seven years ago to apply the principles of the ancient Japanese martial art of Karate into the everyday lives of men, women and children to help them become more productive. 

Martial Arts Training is not just about self-defense or knowing how to take on half a dozen bad guys – you can learn that in a fight class. Martial arts is about self-development and my wife Sensei Christina Hinschberger and I are owners of Tokon Martial Arts, a self-development and capacity enhancing martial arts studio that has trained thousands of men on self-confidence, mental strength, resilience and commitment using the centuries old and proven wisdom strategies of Karate.

Some of the things you will learn from our martial arts program include:

  • Improved physical health and fitness – for a stronger, and better feel
  • Better cognitive abilities – for an improved brain power so as to get greater results at work
  • Self-defense – to understand the nitty-gritty of defending oneself against external aggression
  • Fatherhood responsibilities – to be more loving towards your kids
  • Self-confidence – to become more aware of your own power and potentials. 
  • And one final indirect benefit is how to be a better lover – this is because Karate increases libido, testosterone and improves your body flexibility.

The benefits of being in such a program are really too numerous to be stated but it goes without saying that you will become a greater Dad than you are currently and your wife and kids will be forever glad to see that side of you. 

Visit us today at Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento CA to see what we do and ask all your questions. 

Remember, you can always become a better, stronger and greater Man than you currently are!

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