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Management Dissertation is an essential part of your curriculum. It will help you in enhancing your management knowledge and also occupying good scores in your exams. Thus before choosing your management dissertation you should keep in mind that your topic should be ‘feasible’. It means that you should pick a topic that can be researched and completed in dedicated time. Sometimes students out of sheer curiosity choose that topic which is over ambitious and can’t be completed in a limited time. Hence they face problems while submitting their management dissertation. In this blog, we will try to discuss some of the key features to write an excellent management dissertation.

Choose a Topic

Before choosing a topic you must keep in mind that you will be able to find ample primary and secondary sources for your reading. If you are not able to access data then it will be a problem for you in completing your Dissertation. Your topic should have a focus and aim for research. For example, if you choose the topic “Impact of GST on Indian Economy”. This topic requires research on a large scale. Thus it is possible that your Dissertation might not be completed in a specific time. Instead of this topic if you choose “Impact of GST on Education Sector” you will be able to finish your Dissertation on time while providing relevant data on education.

In this topic, your focus will be on the impact of GST on schools/colleges and why they have not been added to the exception list by the government. You must keep in mind to choose that topic which interests you so that you will enjoy writing a Dissertation proposal.

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Literary Review

Literary Review presents the summary and synthesis of the previous research on your topic. You must include a Literary Review to discuss the conclusions made by previous research on the topic. It must also include what is the relevance of your topic in the present scenario. However, you must also keep in mind to highlight the difference between your research and the research conducted by some scholar on your topic. For example, if you are writing on “Impact of a pandemic on the Indian Economy” then your research should include how previous pandemics have affected the economy and how different they are from the present COVID-19.


Your Dissertation should include the proper methodology through which you attempt to prove your theoretical argument. Your methodology answers the questions that have been raised in your theoretical argument. You can also highlight the methodology used in the research conducted previously, how it is different from the one that you are attempting to do. Supposedly you are using the same methodology used by the previous research then you have to conclude how your findings are different from the previously conducted research. Suppose you are conducting research on “Role of Ethical Values in Multinational Firms”, then you should use the survey method in the company to acquire your results. You can also use Ethnography (explore the cultural values and beliefs of a particular region). This type of research comes under qualitative research in which you explain the tangible aspects of some organisations. Hence you can also highlight what is the approach of your research.


This section of your Dissertation includes the summary of data that you have collected while conducting research. However, you must not give your opinions or interpretations in this research as this will come in the last section. It presents the data analyzed without any opinions and perceptions of the writer.


This will be the final part of your Dissertation hence it must be very efficiently concluded as it will be bang on the target. In this part, you will discuss the findings in detail along with presenting the different perspectives of scholars. You will compare, contrast the data along with highlighting the consequences of the topic. You can also include recommendations if you have any regarding your topic so that it can be utilized in your future research. For example, if you are writing on the topic “Management Lessons from rules of Chanakya” then in your findings you can include your knowledge of ethical lessons from Gita or Mahabharata. Hence this will enhance your Dissertation with elements of intertextuality and your perspective in it.

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