How to teach your kids to speak English?

Teach your kids to speak English at home

Many parents prefer to start teaching their kids at home from a very young age but the problem is that they don’t know how to teach them and where to start from. There are lots of ways to teach your kids English but it’s important to know what interests them the most. You can try different activities to know the capabilities, learning speed and interests of a kid. Every kid has it’s own personality and were able to learn accordingly. You can start with some simple topics like:

  • Numbers – use different methods to teach them how to count, like using objects, songs, and cards.
  • Colour names – use different objects and let them guess the color. If they guess it right, praise them or reward them.
  • The body parts – it is very easy and fun with rhymes and songs to teach the names of different body parts.
  • Animal names – you can teach them animal names with the help of images or videos. Whenever an animal shows up on a video they were watching, ask them their names.

Why is it important to send your kids to kindergarten?

For the proper knowledge, behavior, and communication skills development, a child must attend kindergarten/preschool. In kindergarten, Kids learn English [เด็ก เรียน ภาษา อังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai] with the help of expert teachers. Teaching young kids needs time and effort. If you have a job and don’t have enough time to teach properly or maybe you don’t have that much knowledge of English and wasn’t able to teach the skills needed for proper communication. It is always a better choice to send your kids to kindergarten because of the kid-friendly environment and surrounded by expert teachers and have friends to learn with; your kids will be able to learn so much faster.