How to Party Properly in College

In United States and Canada, the legal drinking age is 21 and 19, respectively.  Therefore, in both countries, there will be college students who are not legally permitted to consume alcohol.  Nonetheless, underage drinking and the party culture that often comes with it are a mainstay of college life.  Given this reality, we at Unemployed Professors want to give you some well-considered pointers to help you avoid the traps that campus party culture can lay.

  • Know and Observe Limits.

Understand what it’s like to feel a nice buzz, and to enjoy the relaxing of insecurities that it offers.  And also understand that just a little more drinking, perhaps two or three more, can lead to a highly unpleasant experience which offers a variety of disappointments: regret over shameful behavior, hangover, inability to study properly, leading to academic underperformance, possible legal consequences, and even a drinking problem, should the behavior persist.

  • Stick with Your Pack.

When partying and drinking, observe the military adage, “leave no man or woman behind.” This is especially true for female students, who are more vulnerable to campus assault.  Begin the night with your friends, and look out for one another as the evening progresses.  Walk, cab, or use a designated driver together.  If one person wants to leave, make sure someone escorts them home.

  • Try Not to Drink When Dehydrated or Hungry.

Hydrate and eat prior to drinking; it will slow the absorption of the alcohol.  If you fail to do so, you will damage your liver and digestion, while also enhancing the likelihood of future regret.

  • Never Leave Your Drink Unattended.

A sad reality of partying today is the need for vigilance with your drinks.  There are creeps around who are looking for an opportunity to spike your drink with Rohypnol (‘Roofie’), GHB, or even stronger alcohol, in the hopes you pass out.  Always watch your drinks; and also ensure you watch someone pour your drink, to make sure of its source.

  • Don’t Drink and Drive.

Do we even need to say this?  You aren’t as capable a driver when you drink, regardless of whether or not you believe.  It’s really easy, with a little foresight, to find a designated driver, or hire an Uber.  If you feel you might make the choice to drive once under the influence, give your keys to a trusted friend prior to drinking.

  • Don’t Drink and Walk Either.

Statistics demonstrate that you are actually more likely to be injured if you walk drunk, than drive drunk.  The message is clear: don’t drive home drunk; and don’t walk home drunk, either.  Find another, safer way.

It’s almost inevitable that you will party in college, and that drinking will occur.  Use some common sense, and adhere to these tips, and you should be able to party, have fun, and still excel in your courses.

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