How to Get into a Top NYC High School

The public school system in NYC is unlike any other school system in the country. Students normally to go whatever school is zoned for their neighborhood. If you happen to live in a well-to-do area of Manhattan, you might not mind going to the local elementary, middle, or high school.  However, there is a lot of competition for students wanting to get into one of the top magnet schools that specialize in the arts, STEM, or other concentrations. There is a specialized test called the SHSAT that NYC area students must take in the 8th or 9th grade if they are hoping to be accepted into a top high school. It takes more than good grades and positive remarks from school administrators if you are hoping to go to Stuyvesant High School. Next up, learn how SHSAT prep can help you chart out your educational career.

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Have a Really Good Plan

A lot of elementary and middle school students in NYC are thinking about the magnet high schools they hope to attend way before it comes time to take the SHSAT exam. They might concoct a plan that includes pre-testing and studying over the summer. They could take classes during the regular school year that are designed to help them score higher on the test. Some take up SHSAT Prep courses such as this one from the Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center that have proven to help students perform better. These types of prep courses can be taken several semesters prior to taking the SHSAT or in the months beforehand. Whatever the case is, you and your family should have a plan and make adjustments when necessary.

Take the SHSAT Seriously

Getting into a good high school in NYC is a lot of work. Some parents start prepping their kids to get into a good NYC high school while they are still in pre-school. Proper preparation includes gearing up for the SHSAT. You can do this by working with a private tutor, studying with peer groups, or taking a prep course. Regardless of the plan you follow, please take the final SHSAT very seriously.

Take Advantage of All Supplementary Educational Opportunities

If you are having trouble with algebra or play an instrument and want to get better there are various programs in the NYC area that can help you with tutoring and outside instruction. There is a misconception that you have to be from an affluent family in order to get into a top-rated NYC high school. The reality is that NYC is a melting pot filled with immigrants, residents of different socio-economic backgrounds, and religious groups. There are various programs that help students to enrich their educations in their local neighborhoods. Whether you choose to do something as little as going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free in your spare time or attend an after-school program at the local YMCA, you can sharpen your mind and further your education at the same time in NYC.

The majority of top-rated schools in NYC are academic. Sure, being able to show that you are a hard-worker in the classroom setting is vital to your acceptance, but there is also the SHSAT. This is currently the only true measuring stick used to determine who will get in. Prepare in advance for this rigorous test to secure your place.