How to Encourage Healthy Debate Within Your Team

In the corporate world, people have different backgrounds, characteristics, skills, experiences, and abilities. These differences are what make a well-rounded team. If organizations want to thrive, they have to understand that diversity is one of the key factors in achieving such a goal.

Diversity in the workplace such as differences in culture, upbringing, opinions, and the like contributes to serving clients and audiences better. Accordingly, if leaders value each employee’s differences then they are permitting each individual to impart unique experiences or input. This can have a positive impact on work, motivation, productivity, and customer experience.

Diversity is also excellent from a learning perspective as leaders and employees can have access to different perspectives that will enable them to widen their experience and learning. It also means that employees are likely to come together and combine innovative and creative ideas, continuing professional development.

However, while diversity can provide many benefits to the workplace, it is also often the reason for occasional disagreements and debates. During sharing of opinions and brainstorming process, differences can sometimes lead to conflict within the team that is not healthy and ultimately affects team development.

Knowing such instances might happen, team leaders must be able to build a solid and trusting culture, encouraging a healthy and respectful debate among their team members.In doing so, they can build a team where members are comfortable exchanging ideas without creating conflict and misunderstandings.

Team leaders have various responsibilities they have to fulfill and being a mediator of various suggestions and opinions is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks they have to do. Fortunately, being equipped with knowledge on how to build a healthy debate in the team can help them lead better.

If you want to learn tips on how to encourage a healthy debate within your team, read this infographic from Corporate Learning Solutions.