How to choose the best Pre/Play School in India for your child

Whether it is India or abroad, parents do not compromise on the quality of education that is imparted to their kids. A good education is not only necessary for leading a good life but it moulds a person in a positive direction. Hence it is important that good parenting should be accompanied with good education so that there is development in the child from all aspects.

Talking about schooling, preschooling is the first step towards the child’s education. It is no longer considered a luxury. Parents start looking out for nursery schools at the earliest since they want their child to get admitted to the best preschool in India. Nursery is a part of preschool and many parents even use them interchangeably. Preschools or also called kindergartens hence, parents should not get confused when interacting with other parents when they discuss about education/schools.

Kids aged two & above can be admitted to preschools. Preschools in India follow a fun-filled approach when teaching kids literacy, numeracy, and other important life skills. Preschool education has become so common that preschools have cropped up in every part of India. Parents often get confused when choosing an appropriate preschool in India for their child.

When evaluating a preschool, parents should check whether the premises and overall environment in the school is child-friendly. You do not want your child to get seriously injured when playing in school. Security is of prime importance when you starting looking for a preschool. There should be proper CCTV surveillance in the preschool. The preschool should follow a ‘child-first’ or ‘child-friendly’ approach when working on the kid’s fine & gross motor skills, social skills & independence, numbers & pre-math skills, basic shapes, etc.

The staff in the preschool must be well-trained in handling small kids since patience is very important when dealing with kids. The best preschool in India will not only have all these in their school but they will have more to offer to your child. Kids spend a good amount of time in preschool hence choose the best preschool in India for your child.

EuroKids is one such preschool/playschool that follows a ‘child first’ philosophy. Since preschools will be the first experience for the child outside home, the school has a tailor-made program to make sure that your child makes a smooth transition from home to preschool. The curriculum is devised in such a manner that it focuses on the overall development of the child.

Kids learn through playful activities like music, games, play-dough, etc. The activities at EuroKids ensure that the child’s creativity is unearthed through these activities and he/she explores & learns something new every single day. They also focus on the mental and physical development of the child. Hence, they have programs like EuroGym & Outdoor play that are devised to make sure that there is a healthy balance of mental & physical developments in the child.

In playschool like EuroKids, your child will learn basic math skills, language skills, and make new friendsJ Though nursery is optional in India, parents prefer to send their kids to preschool since it helps in the early development of the child which will be helpful for his/her future growth.