Hong Kong Universities

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Hong Kong has some very good universities which can be compared with many international universities worldwide. Hong Kong universities impart modern education to their students. The universities produce outstanding academic qualifications in various disciplines. The programs are taught mainly in English language because the students are from different countries.

If you are an international student then you can even opt to learn Cantonese and Mandarin. The universities allow their international students to work so that their living expenses can be made affordable. The universities have good connections with corporate employers and this helps the students to earn higher wages. As Hong Kong belongs to China, this provides lots of employment opportunities to the international students and they can get better jobs with good wages. Make the most of the link iherb Hong Kong if you are a student in Hong Kong. Through this site you will be able to get some great supplies and at unbelievable discounted rates.

Top universities in Hong Kong

  1. University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong University is one of the oldest higher education establishments, and is one of the best Asia’s universities. Its academic track records are excellent and have produced many talented professionals. It has students from China, Hong Kong and from many Asian countries. Students qualifying from this university have outstanding employment rate. Programs are conducted in English and in Chinese. You can study dentistry, medicine, law, business and economics, science and social sciences, arts and architecture in the Hong Kong University.

  1. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This university was established in 1991 and is one of the most respected universities in Asia. You can study engineering, technology and business management here. It has close ties with over 250 universities worldwide. It has many international students and has produced many notable alumni. It is a very renowned university of Hong Kong.

  1. Chinese University of Hong Kong

This university was established in 1963 and is one of the celebrated universities of Hong Kong. All subjects are taught in English and its academic records are excellent. Its students do research in 5 national laboratories and over 100 research institutes. The university has produced 4 Nobel laureates. These are some of the renowned universities of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong universities provide a very friendly atmosphere to their overseas students.