First Aid Course for Drivers

Night at the Museum: Russian Red Cross conducts after-dark first aid  training for visitors - International Federation of Red Cross and Red  Crescent Societies

The duration of training will take as long as the students need. The erste hilfe kurs neuperlach süd (as in other cities) is conducted by a person with qualifications provided for by law for this type of training (the right to complete the classes in the training card of each participant). The program covers the most common situations with particular emphasis on the issues related to the examination questions. Additionally, students learn how to conduct CPR on an adult’s phantom.


  • call for help;
  • evaluation of the victim, lateral position (safe);
  • CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • anti-shock position;
  • safe ways to turn onto the back;
  • securing the scene of the accident;
  • dragging victims out of the car;
  • scenarios – situations most often occurring on the road.

Who can teach first aid courses?

Have you ever wondered who can run erste hilfe kurse? Is the person who conducts your first aid training appropriately qualified? Did you know that First Aid Training can only be conducted by:

  • System Doctor – a person with the title of an expert or specializing in the field of emergency medicine.
  • System Nurse – a person with a specialist title or specialization in the field of emergency nursing, anesthesiology and intensive care, surgery, cardiology, pediatrics, as well as a nurse with a completed qualification course in emergency nursing, anesthesiology and intensive care, surgery, cardiology, pediatrics, and at least 3 years of work experience in departments of these specialties, emergency departments, admission rooms or ambulance service.
  • Paramedic.

What you will gain from working with us:

  • a qualified staff of paramedics;
  • moderate prices;
  • convenient dates – possibility to make an appointment at any time;
  • access to professional equipment: phantoms, sets of wounds, and dressings;
  • the certainty that the competition will not undermine the training you have provided.


A driving theory teacher cannot provide erste hilfe kurs führerschein unless it is a doctor, nurse, or paramedic.


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