Facilities provided by school management software apps

Nowadays, everything has gone online and our education institutions too as manual work takes more energy and time. In this busy world, you want your kids to get proper education and a secure life as well. But due to shortage of time, you cannot visit the schools whenever required. Now, you don’t have to worry about it because there are apps like attendance tracker app, teacher parent communication app, etc. offering a lot of services and information related to your kid or the school. 

Facilities provided by the app:

  1. Online registration: First you have to do the enrollment because it is an easy and reliable way to have the records of all the users at one place. 

It includes: 

  • Custom registration form: You have to make your registration form and it should have all the field that you need such as- student and parent information, programs after school, tuition, pick-up services and further details.
  • Class listing: Parents can enroll their child from anywhere using mobile or computer by just entering their contact information. They can also add the children related to their families.


  • Security after school: 


  • Manage pick up plans: You can track your child location by managing the pickup plan. You can check it from home where your child has been or you can also choose the location where the pickup should drop your child that means at learning centre or at home. All this can be easily done using the after school pick up service of the app.
  • Bell schedules: You can know the timing and duration of the scheduled classes. You can also adjust the schedules like regular or minimum days, holiday and no school days so that you can focus on other things in that time.
  • Multi-site reports of the pickup: A driver’s home-page is made to see the timing of the latest pickup task. If there is any modification or if the pickup is cancelled it will be displayed in the real-time as it is updated as soon as possible. A report is generated which includes the pickup task of the drivers. It is easy for the parents to view the record of the task and pay the fees.
  1. Parent’s connection: Parents will be able to know everyday activities of their children by viewing the photos, videos or the notes posted on the portal of the app. Parents can easily communicate with the teachers and staff. They can view the attendance report, results and can also check in and out the children.