Elementary school fundraiser ideas

With regards to sorting out elementary school fundraisers the primary thing that rings a bell is sweets and treats sales. While they are both good fundraising choices, they shouldn’t be the only fundraiser alternative for your school. Elementary school fundraiser options are almost innumerable, and most if not all of these fundraiser events would be a good time for your youngsters.

Likewise, most of the fundraiser options that we have carefully selected for this list will enable your children to take advantage of their creativity.  Which implies that you’ll be educating your children whilst raising money for your cause. The main objective of any fundraiser is to raise a substantial amount of money for a cause, and we have left no stone unturned to outfit you with the greatest money making fundraisers of 2019. With these elementary school fundraiser ideas, you can collect considerable amounts of cash for your school. By the day’s end, you’ll be able to keep up scholastic magnificence in your school and in the meantime accomplish vital undertakings in your school.  Here are 4 of the best elementary school fundraisers with more than 50% profit.

  1. Artworks day fundraiser

If you are looking for fun ways to raise money for vital undertakings in your school, artworks day fundraiser should be your number one pick. This particular fundraiser idea will not only give your children a good time, but it will also raise substantial amounts of money for your school. With this fundraiser idea, you can make 50-100% profit with almost zero capital. To keep your profit within the 70-100% range you need to ensure that you get most in if not all your art materials donated by local suppliers in your vicinity. From here, all you have do is to motivate your children to create artworks and crafts. They can do it on their own, as a group or with their parents and guardians. Next, take your finished artworks outside and sell them to the general public.

  1. Console game day fundraiser

This particular fundraising idea is relatively new to the world, but it is a great money maker. Kids like to play, and a chance to play their favorite games in school would make them jump in excitement. So why not give them a chance to compete against each other on their favorite console games. To achieve this, you’ll need one or two TVs and equal amounts of consoles. Don’t forget to ask the children what their favorite games are, before setting up the console game contest. To make money from this elementary school fundraiser, you’ll need to invite the parents as well. In this way, any child that wants to participate in the console game contest would have to pay an entrance fee. At the end of the day, top winners of the contest would compete against each other to win a prize.

  1. School sleepover fundraiser

Think back to how you used to jump in excitement when your parent gives you the go-ahead to sleep over at your friend’s house. Now multiply that excitement by a lot; that’s how your children would feel when you invite them for a school sleepover. For this elementary school fundraiser, you’ll need to communicate your plans to raise money for a school project with the parents. So that each student would pay an entrance fee for the school sleepover. Of course, you’ll have to make sleeping arrangements for the kids and you’ll have to pick a secured and comfortable venue in your school.

  1. Parents night out

Many parents struggle with their busy schedules all day long and so they don’t get to have fun like their kids.  You can organize a parents’ night out that will give parents the opportunity to have fun and get to know each other better. Obviously, you’ll charge them for your thoughtfulness in helping them create an environment where they can unwind from their busy schedules. You can also organize games and fun activities that will allow them to compete against each other. But then again, they’ll have to pay to compete in the games. What’s more, you can sell drinks and refreshments at the event to increase your profit. Make sure your prices for drinks and refreshments are not overly expensive.