Educational Guardianship

AEGIS Clarification of New Educational Guardian Standard, NMS for Boarding  Schools | AEGIS

The studying has been done, all of the hard work to get the grades, the English tutor, all of the pre assessments passed. We are so proud of them, plans to be made. What school? The choice is ours!

The letter arrives, it has taken what seems like an eternity to get there. Finally, my child has their dream place as school in the UK.

Wait, what is this part on this form? I do not understand, a Guardian? What does this mean? Even more specific to the study. An Educational Guardian? What is this? The school are saying that if I do not find one my dream place at UK Boarding school might be lost. Also, an AEGIS Guardian? What does this mean also? I am so confused.

This article should help. What is an Educational Guardian and what does a good Educational Guardianship look like?

An Educational Guardian is there as a link between the school, the parents and the student. First and foremost, they are there as an emergency service. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case there is any emergency that needs dealing with.

They also are there for when the Boarding School is closed, to place the student in a warm, comforting host family to help them continue their study, and to be cared for in the families own home.

We recommend the hired company to be an AEGIS Guardian, or with an AEGIS accreditation. This means they have been signed off as being trustworthy, and all of their staff have the correct qualifications in terms of safeguarding and police checks – and all of their host families are of a great standard.

The Guardian will be a named person who should be the same Guardian throughout your time in the UK. This means you can get to know each other personally and you can feel comfortable chatting about anything from school to life, or even to just have a chat.

An educational guardian is essential for school life, not only for the above, scary situation with a school saying your place might be at risk. But also to have that support throughout all term time. A good Guardian should be there to help with school uniform and things like pocket money, bank accounts or anything else that may arise.

You can appoint a Guardian by emailing them directly or visiting their website and finding the contact us form, or email address.

YES Guardians are fully recommended. They are AEGIS accredited and cover all of the UK. This includes the host family service, educational support and academic liaison.