Distance Education: Advantages of Learning

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In this day and age where everything goes online and digital, distance education has evolved to become a genuine alternative to traditional education where one had to physically stroll into a classroom and listen to a professor and take bunches of notes.

Distance education today allows us to complete a particular course without the need to attend a classroom. Here are some of the advantages of learning via distance education.

  • Accessibility: Anyone who is interested to apply in distance education can do it all online. This provides the applicant with the freedom to choose how or when he she is going to apply. One can now access the university’s sites or symbiosis distance learning program anywhere, whether at a cyber cafe or through smartphone.
  • Flexible Schedule: Enrolling for a distance education gives you control of your education. Setting up a schedule to do your studies is so flexible, that now you can pursue your profession or career by studying at your own pace without giving up on the things you like to do, whether it’s spending time with the family, hanging out with friends, or playing with pet.
  • Less Pressure: This means that you can learn without being pressured by your professors or classmates. You have your own space and time to study your lessons. You can either learn by listening or reading. There are different course materials provided to students such as audio, video, and text. So now you can listen, watch or read the course material frequently in case you did not understand a certain point.
  • Posting Queries Are Entertained: Another distance education advantage is that you can post your queries anytime in discussion boards. And your professors and classmates can both join in on the discussions. You can also post queries to your professors through emails.
  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Most distance education institutions offer affordable solutions like ‘pay fees in instalment’ that are mostly tailored to the student’s budget and need. Suppose you want to enrol for an MBA from Symbiosis, and then there is an instalment option available for you where fees can be submitted in two instalments, 1st instalment of INR 27,000 and 2nd instalment of INR 17,000. Reputed institutions go for this option because they want you to be happy and pass the nice word so that other can enlist in their programs too.