Combine Language Learning and Word Games for Improving Your Vocabulary

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Learning is fun. Yes! With the right approach kids won’t feel like learning is a chore. They’ll fall in love with learning. Lately more and more teachers are teaching educational concepts using innovative ways to keep students engaged. When it comes to language concepts, many students find it challenging to retain the new vocabulary they have learnt.

Word games serve as a welcome break from the usual monotonous language sessions and encourage even the less-confident students to actively participate. The kids learn so much from an educational game without even realizing it and the best part is that they’ll keep looking forward for language classes henceforth.

Online tools for learning words:

One approach is to make it an interactive word game by discussions and dialogue. Another great way is using online tools. When it comes to online games, undoubtedly most of the kids would continue playing (and learning) even outside class during their free time at home. You can find a number of games online.  One of the popular tools you can use is UnscrambleNow.

You’ll have a box to enter a word (limited to 12 letters). Type any word and press ‘Search’. A list of all words that can be formed using the letters you typed in the box appears.  This is a fun way to learn new words. You could also encourage students to play a game of Scrabble occasionally. The knowledge gained from this online will doubt up the fun quotient.

Effectiveness of including word games in language class: 

Learning doesn’t have to feel like some serious sort of work. Creative play is a great way to teach students. Games: 

  • Motivate students to learn more
  • Encourages involvement of all students and no one will be huddled in a corner feeling embarrassed about possibly making a mistake
  • Help to use language spontaneously in a conversation without feeling self-conscious.
  • Helps to retain information (new words as in here) better
  • Make it easier to understand grammar concepts
  • Encourages healthy participation between students
  • Build class unity

Learning via games isn’t only about gaining knowledge. The students learn a lot of deeper values along the way. They’ll learn focus, determination, perseverance. They will learn to build connections with peers and healthy negotiation skills. 

How to maximize the effectiveness of using games in language class:

Some researches reveal that students feel more motivated to learn when they are aware of the intent of the game. If they know a particular game sharpens their vocabulary/ memory skills they are likely to be more actively involved.

No time to squeeze in games?

With the fast-paced curriculum, teachers may find it tricky to allot time for games even if they want to. But games work great in deepening knowledge. You can alternatively conduct games after an intensive test or during times when you feel the class is unmotivated to grasp the concepts. Games are an instant way to get them excited.

Offer a better learning experience for your students using online word games. This way language could become their favorite subject.

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