Changes in Study Habits for Better Preparation

Every year, the competition in the JEE exams increases with lakhs of students aiming for the top spot. The 2-year grind before the nationwide competitive exam decides how the 3 hours in the final exam hall go. Every year we see students achieving their goal as well as students who don’t. If you are someone who is studying for this exam then you have an idea of how vast the syllabus is. The jump from 10th grade to 11th is drastic compared to the amount and quality of the study. Many students find it tough in the beginning but trust the process and you will get habituated to such a study-oriented life. For the optimum use of your time to solve questions, give reasons for JEE answers you end up with, and applying it practically, studying is very important. But sometimes it may get a bit challenging considering the syllabus and the way you study. Here are some tips that can help you study better:


Choose a Place for Studying:

Yes! Having a fixed place to study is very important when it comes to studying for a long period. Choose a place that you are comfortable in and away from distractions such as loud noises, flashy lights, etc. Another thing to consider is that you sit straight while studying, so choose a chair accordingly as you are going to be studying for hours and a bad posture may cause back pain. Make sure that your desk or table is clean. Lastly, try to use this space only for studying.


Consistency & Breaks:

With such a wide syllabus to cover, consistency is of utmost importance. Making a daily routine may help you optimize your time. Regular doubt solving sessions, taking practice tests, solving worksheets, etc. will help you understand the topics better and get acquainted with the subjects. Every year, many students who start their year very energetically get burned out in 6 months. Ence, taking breaks when needed is also necessary. Try to fit in small breaks in your daily routine so that you are not studying constantly for hours.

Taking Notes & Asking Doubts:

This is a given but still, many students don’t do it. Taking bite-size notes of topics will help you in the long run. Many times while making notes you will come across doubts. Don’t wait to clear your doubts. It is okay to ask doubts multiple times until they get clear. You can even use the internet and doubt solving mobile applications for these. The notes will prove efficient in any mock test as well as practice tests you are taking, if you’re not, consider registering for one.

These are some of the tips that will help you in the long run. Here one more: Try to use all the resources you have at your disposal to the maximum and do not rely on one method of studying. Do these changes in your study habits and see better results.

Keep studying!