Best DLP course for JEE / NEET

Top 10 Coaching Institutes For IIT JEE & AIPMT In India

There used to be a time when coaching industries operated solely in the offline mode. However, with time they started extending support to different cities in the form of distance learning program. The last wave has been due to digitalisation owing to which various e-learning platforms have come ahead and displayed that Distance Learning Programs need not be bound by just Notes and Test Series. They have moved to Video Lectures, Computer Based Test Series – a must keeping in view the recent shift of mode of examinations being done solely online and above all doubt clearance. This was a majorly ignored factor in earlier days where the student would get stuck with doubts and unless is enrolled into a coaching institution or has the support of a mentor, would be demotivated. After all, JEE & NEET are demanding exams and the requirements are not met by the school curriculum and the education has improved a lot to fit as the Best DLP course for JEE and NEET. 

To avoid this difficulty, several organisations such as Kaysons, Etoos, Misostudy, Toppr, Plancess, Byjus, askiitian, mlearning etc. have turned their attention. VMC started its FlipLearn, Aakash started its iTutor and similarly many other offline coaching giants also shifted their focus from only offline coaching industry to the online domain. Several institutes like Resonance have top quality study materials but due to the focussed approach of the e-learning platforms, they have emerged to provide better solutions and posing as contenders for the Best DLP course for JEE/NEET.

With the coming age, to qualify and stand as a top source for both JEE DLP & NEET DLP, the platforms need to pose Video Lectures, Test Series, Question Banks, Doubt Clearance, Notes and any special attention provided for preparation of top students is an added advantage. Among the top contenders, HashLearn has also recently emerged into the trend and comes at a quite affordable price of Rs.15,000 but due to the lack of proper reviews can’t be compared yet. Aakash’s iTutor is slightly highly priced at around Rs. 70,000 and with the presence of these platforms finds it difficult to pose as the top choice. Among platforms like Kaysons, Etoos, MisoStudy and askiitians, the upper cap of the price is around Rs. 50,000 for all of them except Kaysons which is at Rs. 25,000. While all these 4 platforms claim to provide comprehensive support for their Distance Learning Program, Kaysons emerge as the affordable most option. With extra support in terms of Ranker’s Level and MakemeIITian package, they also seem to have an extra edge in terms of JEE. MisoStudy has a very comprehensive video lectures. While askiitians’ recent tablet package is an innovative approach, Etoos has recently blended all its feature at one place to make the preparation simple for the students. With the comparison done, it is now for the students to take trials and choose whichever organisation can provide them the best DLP course for JEE/NEET.