Top 5 websites to download the previous years’ NTSE papers

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NTSE also known as the National Talent Search Examination is the exam conducted by the National Council of Education, Research and Training to estimate the student’s level of intelligence and academic knowledge. The examination is conducted in two stages level 1 and level 2 followed by a personal interview and the students are selected by taking into consideration the scores of the written test of the level 2 as well as the scores of the interview. The written test comprises of the MAT or the mental ability test and the SAT or the scholastic aptitude test. Together these two tests check the mental ability and subject knowledge of the student.

The selected students after level 2 test are called in for the personal interviews. The students selected after that are given scholarships of 1250 INR per month for students in class 11th and 12th. The students doing undergraduate and above are given 2000 INR per month as scholarship money. If the students go abroad for studies the above said scholarship ceases.

The states have their definite number of students as dictated by their state quota. They select their candidates by their own procedure but they are advised to follow the procedure of the national level test i.e. the level 2 test.

Since this is a very important exam thus there are many books available for the preparation of the examination. The examination is a big deal for the student of class 10th and thus there are specific institutes which deal in this very domain and they help and prepare the student for this very exam. There are many books available in the market which help prepare the students for the various sections like the mental ability test of the examination.

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We like in a technical era where the very passing moment bring about a development in the pre-existing technology. The technological development has got the telephone in the hands of almost every individual and with the internet reaching every other house, the best way to spread anything, to get it to everyone’s reach is through the internet, and there are many online institutes and teaching firms which prepare the students for many competitive exams. Websites like khan’s academy teach the students by means of videos whereas websites like TOPPR and BYJU’s prepare students for various competitive examinations like IIT, GRE, GMAT and many Olympiads etc.

The important portion of preparation process is to practise the previous year papers and the websites which provide the previous year test papers for the preparation of the NTSE are as follows.

  • Examrace: the website provides the question papers for the national level as well as the state level examinations. It also provides the solutions.
  • Online library of Kendriya Vidyalaya: the website provides the state as well as the national level test papers for the previous years and along with that the website also has sample papers to help the students prepare better.
  • Entrance exams: the website provides the question papers for the previous years and they also have a few other links to help with other information regarding the NTSE examination to answer a few other questions that the students generally have in their mind.

These are a few websites but there are many others as well which provide the question papers of the previous years and these websites also contain FAQs about the exam.