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Just imagine having the ability to speak a language that has been in human existence for thousands of years and will give you the ability to converse with many individuals currently speaking this language. Learning Mandarin Chinese is a rewarding experience since Chinese itself is not just one of the official languages of the Nation. But it is a language that can bridge cultures from Japan to Vietnam.


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Today Chinese has accomplished a form of adjustment and most foreigners and Chinese use the Chinese tongue, Mandarin, to effectively communicate to people in all strides of life. Besides Mandarin, there are other dialects remaining popular in use today such as Cantonese which can often be heard in the Chinatowns across the world. Mandarin will serve you best when learning Chinese because of its prevalence and implementation as the standard form of Chinese.

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Current dialect

Currently, Mandarin is used by almost 850 million in China with the Wu dialect spoken by nearly 90 million closely followed by Cantonese with 70 million. Learning Chinese is challenging for anyone learning this as a 2nd language. This is because speaking Chinese takes quite a departure from the Western languages phonetically

Three aspects

Know that there are three facets of the Chinese language that you will need to be well on your way to mastering the language.

They are:

  • Tones – Focus energy and time most on learning the tones of the Chinese language.
  • Characters – There are hundreds of characters for the language of Chinese. Find out the ones are in use today and have them as your focus.
  • Sentence order – Remember that Chinese is mainly articulated by native speakers so there is an order in a sentence.