Know The Most Well-known Telecom Entrepreneur From North Carolina: Peter Loftin

There are many great entrepreneurs in this world. About some of them, we get to know and some of them remain unknown to the masses. Peter Loftin is such a name that not many people in most of the countries know about. Well-known as one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world, Loftin can easily be called a person with amazing personality and brilliance.

He is most well-known as a telecom entrepreneur. He started to develop his brain child, the Business Telecom, Inc. or BTI, when he was just twenty five years old. Gradually the company developed into a million dollars organization. Later, it was merged with the Deltacom.

Developing a rich and successful career from the early days

During the year of 1983, In Raleigh, Loftin managed to establish a NC based Business Telecom Inc. or BTI. The organization managed to become quite successful throughout the upcoming years. During 1999, BTI ranked seventh by one of the independent research groups, named New Paradigm Resources. The competition was held nationally among several competitive local exchange companies.

The organization consists of almost sixty thousand clients and almost six hundred employees. Peter Loftin became the Chairman of the Board of BTI. The other board members included Paul L. Rizzo or the former Vice-Chairman of IBM and the former Dean of the Kenan Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina.

Information regarding various charity works and awards:

In the year of 1997, BTI became ready to provide $3.1 million to the Performing Arts Centre in Raleigh. According to the Mayor of Raleigh, Tom Fetzer, this donation was undoubtedly one of the largest private donation amount made to the arts program in the city of Raleigh.

Apart from that, during that time, Loftin was the only one to show any actual interest in her project and its funding. Precisely because of this enormous contribution, the city council offered and as well as voted to name that centre after BTI and thus naming it the BTI Centre for the Performing Arts.

During the year 2005, the centre was named Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts. This was precisely due to the reason that Progress Energy agreed to donate almost $7.5 million over the course of almost twenty years. Some of the most important business magazines also focused on Loftin’s great achievements and named him the ‘North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year.’

Along with this, NCEITA or the North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association awarded Peter Loftin along with BTI, the ‘Corporate Citizen of the Year Award.’ This is precisely due to the great attempt of providing free internet service to the disabled ones in the rural schools in the entire North Carolina.

Loftin’s interest in art encouraged him to sell a part of BTI and purchase Casa Casuarina in the year 2000. Gradually he transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel with the purpose of greeting various celebrities.

So, those were some of the most well-known and mention worthy achievements by Peter Loftin, who has proved that a true ambitious person can definitely fulfil his or her dream.