Clever measures to store school belongings

Helping your child prepare for high school is a highly important part of a parent’s role in their boy or girl’s upbringing. When the time arrives for them to make the big step up to the second half of their initial schooling career, there are several very practical elements that you can put into play to help make the transition a somewhat smooth process. While all the hugs and kisses and words of support are vital, so are some of the following things which you should be sure to introduce when little Jonny or Susie is ready to head off to high school for the first time.

Where to keep their stuff

Pencil bags will take care of pens, rulers, erasers and those sorts of things, while kit bags will be used to look after sporting equipment like hockey boots, cricket bats, rugby balls and the rest, but your child can’t be expected to carry that sort of stuff all around. Hence, hiring or buying one or two high school lockers – which hopefully the school itself will have available – is a crucial element to fix in as soon as possible. The cost is very low in comparison to the benefit it will bring to your child and his or her time during the school morning and afternoon.

What else might transpire?

In the event of a day when ‘show and tell’ is on the cards and your child has extra stuff to consider handling during the school day, the locker will again prove useful. If they have a big and cumbersome project to hand in or are just using some extra paperwork and textbooks for a specific task, then the locker can keep those too. The great thing is the accessibility of a locker, which is usually placed in the hallways en route to classrooms and sports matches, so your kid doesn’t have to go too much out their way – if at all – to get things.

The eventualities

At the end of the day, quite literally, your child will be grateful. We have all seen the back-breaking rucksacks some of them have to carry these days, loaded with books of all nature – and laden with the kind of heaviness we really should not be subjecting young bodies to. If it is good posture we are looking to encourage, then one needs to provide the tools and means to make this happen. One such way of doing so is by providing your kid with a locker.

Sharing can be caring

There is nothing to say that you have to have a locker or two on your own. It can effectively be shared, if its location and size is appropriate, between three or four others. This could create a real community feel and ultimately encourage friendships between your child and his or her class mates that otherwise might not have happened were the concept of sharing a locker not introduced. One way of being sure that this is the right thing to put into place is by consulting a teacher and taking into account his or her thoughts.