A Guide to Finding Jobs Online

One of the greatest way to get cracking upon your job hunt is through online portals and social media platform. Here is a simple guide that will help you find your dream job online.

  1. Keep your profile updated on LinkedIn, Xing and Plaxo

It usually seen that headhunters and recruiters tend to make use of social networking sites such as these to look for people with the required skills and talent. You need to ensure that your profile can be found easily on these websites and do not forget to pepper it with the right kinds of keywords.

It is also recommended that you keep your Facebook page clean. You do not want to be seen as a party animal to your recruiter! Trust me on that…

  1. Use LinkedIn to narrow down the firms within your desired geographical location

You can do a quick LinkedIn search to narrow down the companies that are well within your preferred geographical region (For e.g. if you stay in Hyderabad, look for Jobs in Hyderabad), which are most likely to hire somebody with your skill set like. You can also use LinkedIn to learn more about such companies and contact its former employees as well as the current one to get the inside scoop. Create a good link with the company’s Human Resource team or your possible future boss.

  1. Post articles, write blogs or comments on internet forums

This is one of the greatest way to get on the radar of influential people who can actually get you a job! If you ever answer a question on online platforms such as LinkedIn, or such internet forums, ask permission and connect with them on LinkedIn. Then slowly build your network by starting an off-line dialogue.

  1. Submit your resume on online career service portals

Today, job seekers have a plenty of online job placement services to choose from. Take some time off, do your research and submit your resume in such online career placement portals. These online portals will usually show large openings across all possible sectors.

  1. Use your status updates to keep your friends and people around you informed that you are looking for a job

Your Facebook page is a great place to let people know that you are hunting for a job. It will be reminder to your friends, so that they could set up in case of a job opening.

  1. Use LinkedIn and similar social networking sites to expand your professional & personal network

Most of the vacancies are not advertised. Such social networking sites will help you find those crucial hidden jobs.
Getting the right job was never easy. So, keep strong and don’t give up. As the saying goes…When the going gets tough, Only the Tough get going!