5 Great Tips for Students Studying an MBA in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most global cities in the globe, people come from all over the world for business, culture, leisure and for education because of this more people than ever are choosing to study an Master in Business Administration in Barcelona.

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  1. Take an internship – The best business schools have established links with industry and are able to provide you with top internship within international companies based in Barcelona. This allows you to apply what you have learnt and make the most of your education. You can find internships through your business school but the best way to find one that suits you is to look for one yourself.
  2. Explore Europe – With Barcelona being a hub city there are flights to all major cities in the world, make the most of this and explore Europe in your spare time. Low cost carriers fly from Barcelona to destinations all over Europe, many students spend their free time exploring the rich culture and destinations close to Barcelona. Although, there is so much to see in the local area and within Spain that many students never leave.
  3. Take advantage of the culture in Barcelona – Barcelona is known thought the world for it’s amazing cultural events. In your spare time you will be able to see magnificent ballet and some of the world’s best musicians. Barcelona is home to many cultural festivals thought the year which are unmissable.
  4. Take advantage of the resources in your business school – Barcelona plays host to some of the top global business schools. This is a huge resource base and one where you can make connections which will benefit your future careers.  Not only will you be able to network with other top MBA students but you can make connections with top professors. If you want to massively boost your employability find out if you can collaborate with your teaching staff on some research.
  5. Meet the locals – One of the best things about Barcelona is the people that live there. Take every opportunity to meet local Barcelonans, getting out and about is the best way to do this and you will make friends for life. Barcelonans are extremely warm and friendly people who will really help to support you in your studies. Most people also make great cooks.  

Barcelona is a hub for business and offers fantastic opportunities for those studying an MBA. Take advantage of these tips to get the most out of your time studying in Barcelona, they are easy to start doing and will massively improve your enjoyment.